with a high-quality technical component

Abel introduces new products

Research and development

for new products and services

Abel works with multi-disciplinary Teams

so that projects are executed quickly and efficiently

For a better use of infrastructure

with new techniques

Abel Sensors

Abel is developer and manufacturer of wireless sensors and IoT services for Smart Everything: smart cities, industries, buildings, mobility and environment.

Products and services

We are specialized in the development of ultra low power sensors, wireless connectivity, IoT, data platforms and web dashboards.

Custom development

Abel has its own R&D department for the development of custom sensor solutions that create added value to your environment and processes.

How we work

We create products and services with an innovative technical component. With our team of engineers, strategic partners and collaborations with research companies and universities, we make sure to keep up with the latest technological developments.

  • Multi-disciplinary teams

    Abel works with multi-disciplinary teams of highly-trained technicians to promote innovation and create high-quality products.

  • User-centered approach

    The end user is always in the center of attention. Abel organizes focus groups in which users are asked to think about functionality and design.

  • Outstanding design

    Abel designs products with functional characteristics and high quality, with a pleasing design.

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