Sensor devices

Our expertise is the design of wireless sensor devices. We develop complete sensor solutions for every application. Ultra low power design enables us to develop small battery powered devices with lifetimes of 5-10 years and more.

IoT Platform

Our DutchSense IoT platform gives you insight in your data with various dashboards, lets you manage your devices and (custom) applications. All data can be exported to third party software using a set of API’s.

Inhouse developed modular sensor technology

We have developed an unique modular sensor system. This means that we have multiple building blocks that can be combined to create a custom solution for a large number of different applications. Due to this modular design, our sensors are easy and fast to assemble which results in reduced investment costs and lead time.

We can use or develop all kinds of sensors, for instance temperature, distance, pressure, air quality, movement, shock, etc.

The brains of every sensor, equipped with software to accommodate all building blocks.

We ensure wireless connection using 2G, 4G, LoRa, NB-IoT and LTE-M for our sensors. We have our own cloud platform and database for redundant data storage.

Batteries with a high energy density, solar panels and energy harvesters.

Custom housings for every application or installation.

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