VeloView is a reliable system for the monitoring of bicycles in parking facilities. The system can show the available places and monitor how long bicycles have been parked.

For cyclists

  • Find an available spot
  • Find back your bicycle
  • See when a bikepark is full

For bikepark owner

  • Realtime insights
  • Higher occupancy
  • Data about occupancy and parking duration
  • App too find bicycles parked too long
  • More efficient use of investment

Bicycle detection system

The system works with optical sensors. These optical sensors are mounted on the ceiling, or they are mounted on a mast when the system is used outdoors. With signposts and green / red LED lighting it can be indicated to cyclists where the free spots are. The system can be installed in new stalls, but also stalls that are already in use.

  • Highly accurate (optical) sensors
  • Reference matrix signs
  • LEDs for section occupancy
  • Outdoor signs
  • Customization
  • Hybrid solution for bicycles and cars

Data, software & APIs

The advanced software in the optical sensors quickly analyzes the occupancy of the bicycle racks. Locations without bicycle racks can also be monitored. There are different software packages for the administrator, the user and for the policy officer or responsible person (at the office). In this way, the policy can be adjusted and the effects of adjusted policy can be directly monitored

  • Sensor algorithm for advanced detection
  • Real-time data collection
  • Historical data and statistics
  • Detection of orpaned bikes
  • API to integrate data into 3rd party apps

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