Your challenge?

Waste collectors are structurally struggling with their waste collection processes. Their challenge is to organize in timepick-ups in the most efficient way.

In the practice they are facing overloaded and underloaded containers which should have been emptied earlier and or could have been emptied later. This all results in an inefficient way of working with too high logistic costs. 

In addition to this the maintenance process of the container is not streamlined with the emptying moments of the containers. That is why waste collectors would be helped with realtime fill-level insights of the containers in order to organize a proactive and efficient emptying and maintenance process.

Our solution!

Smart wireless waste sensor

GPS tracking

Realtime cloudplatform

Support & Maintenance

"The Smart Waste solution offers realtime fill level and location data that enables waste collectors to optimize their waste collection.

Smart sensor

  • Easy installation
  • Ultrasonic sensing technology
  • Multi point fill level measurement
  • For all container and waste types
  • Battery life up to 10 years
  • Robust design
  • NB-IoT / LTE-M / LoRa connectivity
  • Optional GPS for localization

Cloud platform

  • Realtime fill level data
  • Configurable events and alarms
  • Historical data and statistics
  • Integrations with route management software

Abel USP's

  • Experience with installing the smart waste solution on many different types of containers
  • Most optimized algorithms by machine learning
  • Complete solution including installation, data platform and onsite maintenance
  • Easy- accessible and low risk start up arrangements to customers
  • Long-term 5-year contract 
  • Best in class price/quality ratio

Your benefits

For waste collectors

  • Optimized logistics by real time fill-level data 
  • Cost-effective & direct return on investment 
  • Contribution for sustainable environment 
  • Less complaints about full containers 
  • API available

For cities

  • No full waste containers
  • Less traffic and pollution
  • Increased quality of live for citizens