Your challenge?

More and more cities are aware of the need to stimulate their citizens and visitors to travel by bike. An important element is to make parking space available to let cyclist park their bike on a convenient and in an efficient way. One challenge is to maximize occupancy by enabling cyclists to find all available vacant spaces. On the other hand facility operators need to be able to manage orphaned bicycles to optimize the effective capacity. In some cases cities and operators also need to a have a payment system that enables cyclists hassle free payments without facing queues at the entrance.

Our solution!

Optical detection


Cloud platform

Mobile payment system

Smartphone App

Optical detection

  • 99% accurate
  • Sensor algorithm for advanced detection
  • Real-time data collection
  • Detection of orphaned bikes


  • Dynamic signs
  • LEDs
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Custom design

Cloud platform

  • Sensor algorithm for advanced detection
  • Real-time data collection
  • Historical data and statistics
  • Detection of orphaned bikes
  • API to integrate data into 3rd party apps

Payment solution

  • Mobile payment app for bike users
  • Customer branded app with multiple parking possibilities
  • Fully configurable pricing, fixed and pay per use
  • Debtor management dashboard
  • Integrations with various payment providers
  • Statistical analysis

App for cyclists

  • Navigate to available parkings
  • Find back your bike
  • Mobile access control
  • Reservation system

Abel USP's

  • Highly accuracy solution with detection rates over 99%
  • Custom made design for every outdoor & indoor parking for existing and new buildings.
  • Hybrid parking solution for both cars and bikes
  • High quality at cost effective level

Your benefits

For bikepark owner

  • Improve maximum occupancy by optimized wayfinding
  • Higher effective capacity by management orphaned bikes
  • Having realtime and statistical data to support parking policies
  • Commercialize the parking with a mobile payment solution

For cyclists

  • Higher service level with wayfinding in and outside the parking
  • Realtime navigation to vacant parking spaces using the Abel App
  • Easy mobile payment and reservation possibilities without queues
  • Find your bicycle with the app