DutchSense IoT Platform


Het DutchSense platform is speciaal ontworpen om kennis te vergaren met slimme sensoren en apparaten van derden. Met ons platform kan data worden verzameld, opgeslagen en geanalyseerd, kunnen sensoren en apparaten worden beheerd, op maat gemaakte software en software van derden worden geintegreerd en tot lot API’s worden gebruikt.

  • Connect en beheer

  • Sensor data opslaan

  • Dashboard & visualisatie

  • Export met API’s

  • Maatwerk applicaties

Real-time sensor data

Data from the applied sensors is translated into manageable information which is shown in a graphical and convenient manner. Dutch Sense focuses on the users of the system and therefore lots of consideration goes towards the user interface.

Smart Sensors

Abel has developed her own modular sensor system. This means that we’ve build a number of building blocks that can be combined to create a huge number different applications. Due to this modular design our sensors are easy and fast to implement which results in a reduced investment costs and lead time.

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