Abel Sensors is proud to present a new solution within the agri- & horticulture industry, together with its partner Blockbax. 

Their new solution, named Greenfynger, enables growers of potplants, breeders, suppliers and advisors to save water while at the same time realizing higher crop yields and better-quality green. How is this done? By reading and analyzing real-time data coming from the plants soil moisture, EC and temperature. This data is visualized and proactively alerted on so hat the irrigation and fertilizing strategy can be controlled when it matters and before potential problems may arise. Some advantages to this solution are optimized plant growth and minimized plant loss, minimized use of chemicals, optimized turnover & profit and a more sustainable way of cultivation. This solution has been developed in close collaboration with some of the agri- & horticulture front leading growers& suppliers Sjaak van Schie B.V., Van der Salm B.V. & Klasmann- Deilmann Benelux B.V.