Bicycle parking Arnhem station

Abel Sensors has started the installation of a bike detection system in the bicycle parking facility at Arnhem station in the Netherlands. The most advanced system is used here which has the highest accuracy, and the equipment is installed in a clean and modern manner. The optical sensors detect bicycles, but can also detect objects which block the normal use of the rack. This will give you a more pleasant journey!

Bicycle detection system in Walthamstow cycle hub

Abel Sensors LED’s park bicycle detection system is being trialled at the cycle hub at Walthamstow tube station (UK).  The system helps people in finding an available spot to park a bike. Besides, it helps to understand how the cycle hub is being used.

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Picture: TransportXtra / Deniz Huseyin


Bicycle parking Amsterdam Zuid Strawinskylaan

Abel Sensors has been the supplier of the sensors in the new bicycle parking near Amsterdam Zuid station. Also the green/red LED indicators in the white columns are part of the project. These indicators show the availability of empty spots in each section.

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Bicycle parking Utrecht Central Station won prestigious architectural prize

The Bicycle parking at Utrecht Central station won the annual Architizer A+Awards in the category Transportation Infrastructure. The Architizer A+Awards is the largest awards program focused on promoting and celebrating the year’s best architecture and products. The entities are judged by a panel of more than 400 influental people with a background in fashion, publishing, product design, real estate development and tech.

The world’s biggest bicycle parking has room for more than 13.500 bicycles. Thanks to the bicycle sensors of Abel Sensors, travellers will be assisted in finding an empty spot for their bike. In every aisle the digital signs indicate the empty spots in the top and bottom rows. These signs are a part of the complete VeloView bicycle detection system.

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New bicycle detection system in Haarlem

Abel Sensors has finished installation of a new bicycle detection system in Haarlem. The system is installed in the underground parking facility (“Fiets In, Stationsplein”). Around 5.000 parking spots are equipped there with optical sensors. The system helps people in finding an available spot to park a bike. Furthermore, it helps the facility manager in his/her job.


Abel Sensors places 3.500 sensors in garbage bins around The Hague and Rotterdam

Abel Sensors recently placed 3.500 sensors in top and underground containers for all waste fractions for Avalex. This Abel Sensors product is a new edition of a previously developed fill level sensor. The area in which the sensors are placed includes the municipalities of Midden-Delfland, Delft, Rijswijk, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Wassenaar and Pijnacker-Nootdorp.

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Fietsenstalling Knoop voorzien van LED’s Park

Op 12 april is de nieuwe fietsenstalling Knoop naast station Utrecht Centraal geopend en biedt ruimte voor meer dan 3000 fietsen verdeeld over drie verdiepingen. Abel Sensors heeft de stalling voorzien van het LED’s Park fietsdetectie en parkeersystemen. Op deze manier wordt de reiziger geholpen bij het vinden van een vrije plek  en kan de gemeente gemakkelijk fietsen opsporen die te lang zijn gestald.

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Foto door Robert Oosterbroek

Abel Sensors supports sailors in Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 with smart wireless technology

In the upcoming edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, Abel Sensors will support Team Brunel, together with ACE Engineering. Abel Sensors will use its specialization in smart sensors and measurement systems to give the team a strong support. Abel Sensors’ techniques are highly energy efficient and wireless, making the application very efficient. Read more? Look at the Volvo Ocean Race website.


Abel Sensors verlengt lidmaatschap LoRa Alliance

Abel Sensors heeft haar lidmaatschap van de LoRa Alliance verlengd. De LoRa Alliance is een netwerk van vooruitstrevende bedrijven die werken aan de uitrol van Internet-of-Things toepassingen met gebruik van Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). Deze nieuwe netwerkverbindingen maken de sensoren van Abel Delft nog energiezuiniger en betrouwbaarder.

LED’s Park bij station Utrecht Centraal

Deze week opende Utrecht Centraal het eerste deel van de grootste fietsenstalling ter wereld. De stalling zal eind 2018 plaats bieden aan 12.500 fietsen. Om de reizigers te helpen bij het vinden van een vrije plek of fiets, installeert Abel Delft op dit moment haar fietsdetectiesysteem LEDs Park.

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