On February 2023, the Municipal Office of the City of Ghent opened its new bicycle parking. The bike park is the latest addition to the town's efforts to promote healthy and active lifestyles among its residents. The park can accommodate about 1000 bicycles. Just under 500 places for the staff and about 500 places for visitors to the Municipal Office and the surrounding area.

We have also equipped this car park with a state-of-the-art bicycle detection system that makes it easier to find a free spot and the manager, "De Fietsambassade Gent" can automatically detect and remove orphaned bicycles (abandoned bicycles).

The bike park is also designed with safety in mind, with appropriate signage and fencing to keep riders within the designated riding areas. This project was made possible by the collaboration between the town council, and Abel Sensors.

Town hall Gent's management expressed its excitement about the new park, saying, "Proud to have also contributed a little to this immense construction project."

The bike park is now open to the public and ready for everyone to enjoy.