CO2 performance ladder

Abel's CO2 reduction ambition

In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, Abel wants to deal responsibly with finite energy sources and structurally reduce its CO2 emissions.

Abel's ambition is to emit 15% less CO2 in 2023 than in the reference year 2019 (per FTE):

  • 13% in scope 1
  • 16% in scope 2

With an unchanged number of FTEs, this results in 0.62 Ton C02 / FTE ratio of 3.64 Ton CO2 compared to 4.25 Ton CO2 in 2019.

CO2 performance ladder

Abel uses the CO2-Prestatieladder instrument, level 3, for this purpose.

This instrument is managed by the SKAO foundation, for more information see:

Energy management system, emissions inventory, action plan and communication plan

Below you will find the corresponding documents.


Active participation in CO2 reduction initiative:

CO2 Awareness Certificate