Abel Sensors stands for a positive contribution on the development of her employees, clients, suppliers and the society. Abel consinders it to be her task and duty to pursue an environmental impact that is as low as possible by registering, controlling and where possible reducing energyflows (electricty, gas- and fuelusage).

Underneath are documents shown that provide insight into the CO2 footprint reduction targets of Abel.

– CO2 emmission inventory 2016 Q1Q2 (Dutch)

Abel Energy Management Program (Dutch, policy and reduction targets)

– Abel Delft BV CO2 prestatieladder (Dutch)

Day of Sustainability

In 2015 is the Day of sustainability on Friday October 9th. Abel participates actively by organizing the ‘carfree day’. On this day Abel Sensors does not use cars for cummuting and stimulates the company others actively to do the same. In this way we make the employees aware of the harmful emissions and the ability of other modes of transport!

Abel Sensors is actively looking for participants of the initiative ‘carfree day’ of Abel Sensors.

Dutch: Abel Sensors is actief op zoek naar deelnemers aan het initiatief ´dag zonder auto’s´ van Abel Sensors. We therefore call on everyone to join! Would you like to participate, please register by placing a notice on the following website:

Website initiative Abel Sensors

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