Smart Cities

More and more cities are faced with challenges about infrastructure, traffic, energy use, pollution and safety while less and less recourses are available for this. To increase productivity and quality of life, new technologies are applied in increasing numbers. Advanced IT sollutions and developments in sensortechnology create the backbone of Smart Cities to control and improve mobility, the environment and safety.

Abel Sensors develops new products which contribute on the concept of Smart Cities:

  • Systems for data collection als visualisation
  • Concepts for mobility
  • Smart infrastructure


Mobility is of great importance for the society. It allows people to maintain a social network, execute work, follow an education and support other people. Mobility, a good transportsystem and good reachability, is also essential for economic development.

Pollution, congestion, traffic safety, increasing costs, congested cities, noise are reasons to consider innovative solutions and new mobility concepts. Abel is working on new concepts, products and services that enable people to move faster, cheaper, more comfortable, safer and cleaner.

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